Fitness Tips For Baby Boomers

Fitness tips for baby boomers differ greatly than those used for fitness followers a few decades younger. In your twenties and thirties, you might have been able to do more strenuous activities, like kayaking down rapids or taking weekend hiking trips – and if you still can do that now, that’s great! Besides, to quote an old saying: “Age is nothing but a number.”

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However, your fitness needs have changed significantly over the past few decades, and it’s important to cater to these needs in order to drop those pounds and have successful workouts. For example, you’ll need to be aware of any harsh impact on your joints, or spend more money on proper shoes so that you can work out for longer. After all, the key to drop those pounds and achieve weight-loss success is to stay active – and you can’t do that when you’ve got a busted knee!

Here are more expert fitness tips for baby boomers:

o Always properly stretch before doing your workout. Your muscles can injure more easily at this age, so stretching will ensure that your muscles stay loose and relaxed to avoid injuries.

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o Properly cool down after each workout session. Don’t be tempted to sit down after a twenty-minute jog or yoga session, since this will cause your muscles to cramp up and become vulnerable to injury.

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